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Welcome to the official website of the Togolese Community in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.
You will find here all the information and motivations you need to be a member of this community.

The Togolese Community is organized for charitable, community service and education to promote, encourage and facilitate a smooth integration and a good education for the Togolese community in DFW and in Texas.



Meeting! The Board of the Togolese Community in Dallas Fort Worth informs the members that a special meeting will be held on Saturday, April 11, 2015 from 5:00pm at the following address: 8574 Stults Rd, Dallas TX 75243.

Note: Do not forget to bring your monthly dues. To check your statement, Login into your account, then under the menu "My Page", click "My Statement".

For those who are late, please contact the Treasurer for a payment plan.

The Executives.


New Year: January 1st January 1st: New Year

An occasion that members of the community use to wish to each other the best things for the upcoming year. For the event, Togolese in DFW get together with their friends of other communities to express their joy (Take a look...).
Independence Day: April 27 Independence Day: April 27th

Togolese Republic became independent on April 27, 1960 from French Republic. Each year, the Togolese Community in DFW celebrates the anniversary of the event (Take a look...).

Summer Picnic Summer Picnic

Summer! Yeah! Members of the community, with their familly and friends, take advantage of the clement wheather by organizing a cook out (Take a look...).
Thanksgiving: November 23rd Thanksgiving

Another opportunity for members to express their gratitude to others while inviting friends to share the turkey and other meals (Take a look...).

Graduation Graduation

We celebrate the accomplishement of members, who proudly take the challenge by going back to school and obtain a Certificate or Degree. This is a must! (...).
Collective Actions Other Collective Gathering

Birthday, Wedding, Outdooring..., the community is there to celebrate. Compassion, Condoleance, we're also there to support in moral and financial ways. (...).